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Well, what have we here?  Seems you've stumbled upon my artwork page...  Aren't you the lucky one?  heh...  Oh, I'm sorry, being ungrateful again... Guess you're here to see some pictures or something, aren't you?  Or if you'd like, you can read my artistic statement here also... 

For your viewing pleasure, we have three specials today, each of which has its own appeal and somewhat disturbing aftertaste...  first we have the general artwork page, which is stuff I've worked on over the years.  Then there's the ChiGoth page, with its pallor and gloom all laid bare (not literally, sorry, guys.  *laugh*).  And finally, for a special dessert, the nude series. (please be old enough first though...)

Click here for the General Artwork

Click here for the Chigoth Series

Click here for the Nudes

Hasty added link: most recent work