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Hmm...  Where do I begin?  Let's work backwards for a change this time.  Currently, I reside in De Kalb, Illinois, Northern Illinois University being the cause for that.  I'm a fine arts/photography major here, and hopefully will be for the next two years as I finish my degree.  I have a tendency to like Chicago just a bit too much, and since it's nearby (in a manner of speaking), I end up there quite often.  Usually I just end up at SmartBar for Nocturna most Tuesdays.  I'm a photographer by nature, having grown up with it around my dad, and it just kind of stuck with me from there.  So I usually do have at least one camera and roll of film around me at all times.  I also love the outdoors.  When I have the chance, I'm out either walking, cycling, hiking, camping, whatever gets me outside into some fresh air instead of the stale smell of the apartment building I live in.  Lately this hasn't happened for several reasons, most importantly, HOMEWORK.  ugh.  Well, I have to get through school somehow, and I can't do it on looks alone.

Originally though, I'm from Peoria, Illinois, another sort of hole in the North American continent.  Culturally, Peoria is about as diverse as  a handful of sand.  I mean, there's lots of different shapes and sizes, but it's still just sand, dammit.  But I grew up there anyway.  I'd like to think I've made up for this a bit by moving closer to Chicago, but De Kalb isn't the most exciting place to end up.  But it's not permanent, I swear.

Anyways, that's enough text for now.  I'm sure if I decide to not be lazy, I'll update this info from time to time, giving you more insights into the fun that is dgener8.

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